Elderly Rehabilitation Care

At WellSprings Home Care, we offer many different options when it comes to home care for your aging loved one in the Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Chester County areas. One of these services includes rehabilitation care, which can be extremely helpful if your parent or relative in need has ...Read More

Hospital Recovery Care for Seniors

If your loved one has had a recent hospital stay, our caregivers at WellSprings Home Care can help! From live-in assistance, to respite care from time to time, we provide plenty of services to seniors in the Delaware County, Chester County, and Montgomery County areas. After your loved one has spent ...Read More

Choosing the Best Home Security System for Seniors

It’s certainly ideal for any senior to remain at home, even if declining health may say otherwise. However, it’s vital that your elderly parent or relative feels safe at home, which is why choosing the best home security system is crucial. To help you weigh out your options, our team at WellSpri ...Read More

Veteran’s Guide to Qualifying for Home Care

Finding the right home care for veterans can be difficult. At WellSprings Home Care, one of our biggest goals is to help our senior veterans find the home care solutions that align best with their needs – and for many families, this means finding the right financial solutions. Many Chester County, ...Read More

How to Collect Pay and Benefits as a Family Caregiver

If your parent or elderly relative needs assistance at home due to aging or debilitating health issues, you might be inclined to take on the responsibility of his or her care yourself. There’s nothing more fulfilling than caring for someone you love, and luckily, you can also find ways to receive ...Read More

Home Care Agency vs. Independent Caregiver

When choosing the right home care for your loved one, you’ll be faced with the option of finding a caregiver through a home care agency, or choosing an independent contractor. While this decision can take some thought and research, our team at WellSprings Home Care has weighed out the pros and con ...Read More

Understanding Your Coverage: Does Medicare Pay for Home Care?

If you or your elderly parent or relative is in need of home care, you may be wondering if it’s covered under his or her Medicare plan. Our team at WellSprings Home Care Services has the answers right here for you. Medical and Non-Medical Home Care To start, let’s define what we mean by medical ...Read More

How to Pay for Home Care

If you’re considering home care for your elderly parent or family members, you may have a lot of questions in mind – most notably, how do you pay for it? That’s where our team at WellSprings Home Care can help! For our residents in the Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Chester County are ...Read More

What is Sundowning in Dementia Patients?

Sundowning, also known as late-day confusion or sundown syndrome, is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s, or other dementia-related diseases, and occurs in the late afternoon or early evening. This usually occurs in the mid to severe stages of dementia, and it’s important to learn the symptoms, trig ...Read More

The Stages of Dementia: What you Need to Know to Care for Your Loved One

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, one of the first questions you may want to ask is, “What stage is it?” Knowing the stages of dementia can help you to cope with the disease and be as supportive as possible to your aging relative. It’s important to prepare yourself and your f ...Read More